What is myfarah?

Why use myfarah?

What does myfarah offer?

Why the name myfarah? What does ‘farah’ mean?

Why do I need to register?

How can I subscribe to myfarah?

Do I have to pay to use myfarah?

Wedding Websites

What makes myfarah wedding websites unique?

Why do I need a wedding website?

Do I need to know how to code to build a wedding website for myself?

How does the wedding website free trial-period work?

What do you charge for wedding websites, in what currency, and which credit cards are accepted?

Can I change the design I have chosen after I have paid for my website?

How do I ensure that my website remains private?

How do I use the RSVP page on myfarah’s wedding websites?

Budget Calculator

How do I start using the budget calculator?

How can I change the budget calculator currency?

How do I edit items in the budget calculator?

How do I customize my budget?

Can I share or export my budget?

Can I start over?

Planning Checklist

Why should I use myfarah’s planning checklist?

How do I use the planning checklist?

What does the ‘ASSIGN’ feature do?

Can I share or export my planning checklist?

Guest List Manager

Why use myfarah’s guest list manager?

How do I populate my guest list?

Can guest responses be automatically recorded into my guest list manager?

Can I export or share my guest list?


Why does myfarah only showcase a limited number of vendors?

How does myfarah choose which vendors to showcase?

myfarah Gift Registry (For The Couple / Registry Holders)

Why use the myfarah gift registry?

How does the myfarah gift registry work?

How much does it cost?

Will your guests like this?

How secure is the myfarah gift registry?

How secure is online payment processing for our guests?

Where is the money held?

How do we collect our funds?

Can you extend your registry close date?

Can you collect your funds before the closing date?

What are the Puzzle Pieces for?

Do all the Puzzle Pieces have to be purchased in order to receive the gift?

How much should we register for?

How much do guests usually spend on wedding gifts?

How do we decide what to add to our registry?

What happens once a gift is purchased?

What happens once all gifts have been purchased?

How do you tell people about your registry?

How do you know what your guests have purchased?

What should you do if your wedding is cancelled?

myfarah Gift Registry (For Guests / Gift Givers)

How do you find a couple’s gift registry?

How much is the service fee and what is it for?

What’s a puzzle piece?

Why shouldn’t you just give the couple money at their wedding?

What happens if the wedding is cancelled?

When should you make your gift purchase?

How do you select a gift?

How will the couple know you’ve have made a purchase?

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