Things to remember before you head out for your dress fitting
  • Don’t forget your shoes! Take shoes that have the same heel height you’re planning to wear for the actual wedding.
  • Wear appropriate lingerie – in most cases, this will be a strapless bra and a slip. If you are conscious about your body, wear shaping underwear to target specific body parts.
  • Take images of your favorite dresses/ inspiration with you. This will really help the bridal boutique understand what look you’re seeking.
  • Ask trusted friends or family members to come with you to the salon. They will know your style, will be aware of the theme of the wedding and know you well enough to be honest. They will also be able to help you on the big day either by assisting you dress or by bustling the skirt for you.
  • Practice walking around and sitting down in your dress and – if you are planning to dance – make some moves. You’ll be wearing the dress for a long time so it has to be comfortable and enjoyable to wear.
  • Ask the store how long it will take the manufacturer/ designer to make your dress after you place the order. Check the fitting schedule in advance and schedule appointments accordingly. On average, most brides go for three to four fittings.
  • Enquire about store payment policies and get cost estimates for alterations. Can you put down a deposit and is it refundable in the event of a force-measure cancellation? Typical wedding gown deposits will form at least 50% of the total cost. Ask if they offer free services, such as steaming, gown bags and delivery.


myfarah Tips

  • When selecting the fabric, always look at it under natural light, as electrical lighting can often make colours look completely different.
  • Only try five to 10 dresses at a time. Too many dresses will overwhelm you and might all end up looking the same. There is even a term for it – ‘gowned out’! It’s the same feeling you get when you’ve smelled too many perfumes in a shop.
  • Above all- be patient!
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