how to care for your ring
A diamond is for life but to ensure precious engagement and wedding rings are kept as good as the day they were bought, it is essential to care them. Daily life will undoubtedly cause damage to rings of any metal, but prevention can often be better than a cure. The myfarah team has put together these top tips for ring care, to ensure that diamonds continue to sparkle long after the honeymoon.

Take a Break
Engagement and wedding rings should not be worn during physical activity. Instances when rings can sustain particular damage are:

Safe Keeping

If removing engagement or wedding rings for any of the above activities, it’s important to remember where you placed them. Generally, diamond rings should be stored separately, so as not to damage other jewellery.

Avoid Lotion Contact
Contact with lotions, moisturisers and creams can damage and dirty rings. These substances can also build up around gemstones and their settings.
Setting Security
It’s recommended that rings with gemstone setting should be checked for damage once or twice a year to ensure that the setting is still secure. If the rings have been purchased from a jeweller, they may offer free check-ups.
Clean Living
Wedding and engagement rings should be cleaned intermittently with suitable detergents. Using harsh chemicals and soaps can sometimes damage the metal or stones, so the myfarah team recommend having rings cleaned professionally at a jewellery shop. If rings were originally purchased from a jeweller, they may be cleaned free of charge. Most jewellers will clean rings for a small charge if they were not originally purchased from them.


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